Fate Harbor – Cherishing Brianna

Brianna has chosen to live the last eight years of her life alone, hoping to prevent the inevitable.  When she finally realizes how little time she has left to live a full and productive life, she stops off to visit her foster family before permanently moving to California.  Spending one last month with the people she loves and values in Fate Harbor Washington, she meets Sheriff Charlie Meade and the town vet, Zac Carmichael.  Both men are loving, caring, and think the world of her.  Brianna is horrified to realize she has deceived them.  She knows the truth, she’s unworthy of their love. Brianna decides to quickly leave town. Despite the adamant entreaties of her family, she’s determined to go before things unravel even more and she becomes a burden. Can Zac, Charlie, and her family make one last ditch effort to make Brianna realize how much they want to cherish her no matter what the future might hold?

I love Fate Harbor. It is like a magical place where you as the reader can go and lay down the burdens of life and immerse yourself into a community of people who believe you are valued, accept you as you are, believe in your right to be happy and won’t judge you for your choices. Fate Harbor is my safe haven on days that are full of chaos and confusion and helps me hide in a happy bubble while I soak in the story Caitlyn has given me.

In book 5 she gives us Charlie, the sheriff who we have met in prior books, Zac the veterinarian and Brianna, the foster daughter of Butch and Betty. Brianna came back to her foster family in Fate Harbor to attend her sister’s wedding. The trip became long and dangerous and Charlie stepped in to prevent her from having a wreck and killing herself by accident on her bike. One day while needing a few minutes to escape the cocoon of her family, she found an injured dog by the side of the road and ended up helping Zac perform surgery to save the dog’s life. Within a couple of days after returning, she found she had turned the heads of two men and they had stirred something deep in her soul she thought had died during her childhood.

What I love about Caitlyn’s books is she gives us the most damaged and shattered souls and sprinkles their lives with love and acceptance and allows the healing to begin. In the case of Brianna, while thinking she was running from her issues and protecting everyone she loved, she was actually being smothered one day at a time with the baggage she thought she had dealt with. She was prepared for the worse, she knew her future was going to be insanity, yet her heart never let her totally give up. With her bright spirit that made adults, children and animals crave her love, she kept herself behind the invisible walls in order to prevent bringing others down. With her childhood torn apart between her real family and foster family, she has decided to try and give back to the world but it must have a starting point and an ending time, that is the only way she can function, with order and structure. When Zac and Charlie come into her life chaos and panic began to rule her life as they are introduced to the idea of becoming a ménage and team up against the world. The difference in this story is becoming a set of three will be tricky since Charlie and Zac hardly know each other, but will their love for Brianna be enough to make it work?

This is what the author does; she takes the most unlikely and creates magic. The men are determined to make Brianna feel their love, accept their passion and allow them to be part of her future. I think Cherishing Brianna might possibly be my favorite out of the series, but each story is so different and meaningful, it is almost like picking my favorite child out of the three I have. Caitlyn’s writing is smooth and her storytelling is brilliant. She creates the pure magic that draws the reader in immediately and leaves them with a lasting sense of peace and the overwhelming feeling of going home, along with a message of the power of love and the benefit of allowing people to be happy.

T London

Fate Harbor is that magical place where the unexpected, unpredictable happens. This time two men: a buff, tyrannical sheriff named Charlie(with a heart of gold) and Zac( a Brit Veterinarian, soft spoken and intuitive) fall for a Titian haired, green eyed, fragile angel named Brianna. Brianna is one of the foster kids and Olivia is trying to bring her home to be with the ret of the family. She ha the worst childhood; repeatedly going back and forth between her schizophrenic father and foster care. She never told. She was a good girl. I’m still sobbing. 😢
She thinks she needs to isolate herself to stay as sane as she can for as long as she can. Never having been tested, at 26, she doesn’t know if she has her dad’s genes or not. She just thinks she does. This is a must read.
Beware: it is difficult to read. It is heartbreaking and very heartfelt.
You can tell this Beloved Author didn’t just do research for this book. This was true life. Read it carefully. The Intimacy is off the hook. These men adore her. Tears 😭 whatever the outcome. I’m a psychologist and know how hard this is on a family. I can’t say enough beautiful things about this book.