Sisters – Tempting Fire

Can Love Overcome Fear?

For Chloe Avery one event changed everything. Having been beaten and held hostage, she falls deeper and deeper into depression. As she struggles to find meaning in a life that no longer makes sense, she pushes everyone in her life away.

Dallas firefighter, Zarek Post’s childhood was filled with laughter thanks to Chloe and her sisters. When he finds out that the one girl who’d meant the most has been traumatized and is slowly fading away, he drops everything to rush to her side.

Desperate to pull Chloe out of her black pit of despair, Zarek refuses to let Chloe give up on herself. But as he helps her find the sunshine again, can she overcome the growing fear of losing the man she loves to his dangerous job?

This story has captured my heart.. It is so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.. Ms Caitlyn O’leary delivers an amazing story and you can’t help but fall in love with Zarek and Chloe.. when you see that Zarek will do everything in his powers even go against Chloe’s family to help her get out of her depression after she’s brutally beaten, it is not short of miracle…
this is an absolute must read…


This is a great start to a new series by Caitlyn O’Leary. The Avery sister’s are well know characters to her fans and she l knocked this one out of the water. Chloe is deeply depressed after being kidnapping and horribly beaten her family cannot seem to help her so they call in a friend from her childhood Zarek who is a Dallas city firefighter. Zarek is blown away by the shell of a girl in front of him. She has no fight left on her. Character development always one of Leary’s strong points is paramount to making this story work. We already know the Avery’s so she gives us in depth detailed histories into brand new secondary characters. The way she deals with Chloe’s PTSD symptoms is brilliantly written and really brings home to the reader that not just the military can suffer with this illness it can be brought on by many types of trauma. This novella although short packed quite the punch and readers will be enticed till the very end. I cannot wait for the next book.

Vickie Chaisson