Caitlyn Moment #4

March 8th, 2018

I’m not good with technology. I spent 30 years at Verizon being lavished with attention with the wonderful tech support guys who would come into my office and fix things. God bless those men and women.  Just for the record, I even managed to be a metrics manager, production manager and work overseas to get new offices up and running. So there is a small piece of my brain that works. But technology? Nope. I need an eleven year old to help me.

I was at a signing event, and I needed to get my “square” up and running on my phone so that I could take credit cards in order to sell books. But could I get it to work? Hell-To-The-No. I’m panicked. It had
worked a week ago. I must look like a deer in the headlights. A wonderful angel by the name of Cheryl Maddox comes over to me, and asks what’s wrong.

I explain my problem, she asks to look at my phone. She then explains that I have 14 updates that need to be done. I say, oh yeah, my husband always gets cranky about that. What does that have to do with anything. She then says that one of them is for the “square” software. “So?” I say. She patiently explains that when software isn’t updated it won’t work right. I then hang my head in dumbshit shame. She updates my software. Guess what, it magically works, and I can accept credit cards.

Moral of this story. Husbands can be right. Have an eleven year old available at all times. Cheryl Maddox is an angel.

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