Their Stormy Reunion

How can I trust him not to break my heart again?

I fell in love with Fallon when I first saw her in Mr. Vandeboe’s class in our junior year. I knew she was destined to be mine. But a year after we graduated from East Tennessee State, she had our wedding all planned— and it made me want to break out in hives. I loved Fallon, but I felt trapped. Spending my life with her was too big of a step, but how could I get out of it without breaking her heart? The answer is—I can’t, and then I make the worst mistake of my life.

I fell in love with Michael the night of our senior prom, when he took my innocence. He showed me a world filled with care, love and passion that took me to the stars. I knew after college all our dreams would come true. We’d go back home to Jasper Creek and start a family. Then one gut-wrenching moment turned joy into ash. Devastated by his betrayal, I ran away the day before our wedding.

Now I’m a different woman. I came back to Jasper Creek to help my mom take care of my dying father. The town considers me a pariah for leaving the golden boy at the altar, but I don’t care. Michael and I know the truth, and that’s enough. So why in the hell is Michael following me around town, insisting he wants another chance? Has he lost his mind? Worse—why does my foolish heart want to give him that second chance?