Her Unbroken SEAL

What happens when the man you love is now a stranger?

Lydia Hildalgo has been engaged to Clint Archer for five years. He’d been the love of her life since he’d carried her on his back out of the Mexican jungle. She knew the risk of loving a Navy SEAL, and she’d been happy to take it.

After a harrowing mission, Clint wakes up with no memory of what happened, and a brain that doesn’t feel like his own, he doesn’t know what to do, or who to turn to.

When one of his teammates needs his brand of help, he can’t turn him down, but he doesn’t know if he’s the same man he once was. With his mood swings, can he be trusted to do the job? And what about Lydia? What happens when the man she loved with all her heart, is not who he once was? Is there any way that they can find a way back to one another and finally create the future of their dreams?

This is a stand-alone, but having read book two, Lydia and Clint’s first story in the Midnight Delta series, will enhance your enjoyment.

What a fantastically written book , Caitlyn has tackled the subject of a TBI really well and sensitively. Lydia and Clint met and fell in love on a mission and have been engaged for 5 years. Whilst on a mission Clint is seriously injured and whilst Lydia was happy to love a SEAL and the risks that brings , this injury tests them like never before. This story is emotional dynamite and is a Rollercoaster of emotions , beautifully written and a believable storyline with all the characters we have come to love.

Julie Gerrard

Wow. Just wow. This was an interesting return to the world of Midnight Delta with two characters we met way back at the beginning of book 1. It was nice to catchup with the old gang, but this was an emotional read. In lots of military romance/suspense books we see the heroes being injured and having to overcome physical problems, but rarely do we see them overcome psychological problems. I’ve only seen TBI (traumatic brain injury) address a few times. Her Unbroken Seal handled it different in that the ENTIRE book is about the after-affects of TBI and both Clint and Lydia fighting to hold onto who they are and who they are as a couple. Your heart breaks for both of them because Ms. O’Leary handles both sides of the story so well. As with all of her SEAL books there is a lovely blend of action, story, and character interaction. And if you haven’t read the first book that focuses on Clint and Lydia, don’t worry. This book is a stand alone although it does reference past events and brings in characters from several series.
I received an ARC (advanced reader copy) in exchange for my honest review.

Amanda Lough

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