Who am I?  I’m the woman married to John, daughter of Pat and Vicki, and sister to three brothers and one sister.  I’ve been writing professionally for six years, have written over thirty books and am a USA Today Bestseller.  But the truth?  The absolute truth?

I’m just a book junkie.  I love, love, love to read.  I read every Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book, but Trixie Belden was my favorite.  I read the World Book Encyclopedia set when I was in middle school and had pneumonia.  Books have been my escape and saved me on many occasions.

It’s my hope that my books can bring you happiness.  That’s it.  Can you grin?  Can you be uplifted?  Can you be entertained?  Will they make you think about life a little bit differently?  Then Yay!  Be sure to keep in touch, I actually answer my e-mails. Join my newsletter at my website www.caitlynoleary.com.

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Caitlyn Moment #3

Caitlyn Moment #3

Two weeks ago I was in Florida at a writer's conference. My sister called me up from Seattle and said that her son, my fourteen-year-old nephew, needed help with his first English essay as a Freshman in highschool. I absolutely adore this kid....

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Caitlyn Moment #4

Caitlyn Moment #4

I'm not good with technology. I spent 30 years at Verizon being lavished with attention with the wonderful tech support guys who would come into my office and fix things. God bless those men and women.  Just for the record, I even managed to be...

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