Chronological Order

Hi Everybody,

I have been asked to provide a chronological order of my books, so here is an attempt.  First, I want to explain some things.  I’m a reader, an avid reader!  I read about 30 books a month, many of them in series.  I write books the way I like to read them.  I like stand-alones and I like series.

However, there is a caveat when it comes to series, I like it when I don’t have to have read the previous book in the series, to understand what is going on in the book I’m reading.

I write what I like to read!

Therefore, my books breakdown like this:

  • 90% of the book revolves around the current characters.
  • 10% of the book gives you enough backstory so you know who the other players are from past books.

Now this is a thing that I have done as an OCD writer.  All four of my SEAL series are inter-related, and they move in a sequential timeline.  I started writing the Midnight series in 2015, then moved to the Black Dawn Series in 2017.  You will see with the timeline breakdowns that Black Dawn and Midnight Delta overlapped.  Again, the story timeline stayed consistent.  The third SEAL team I started was Night Storm in 2019, and in 2022 I began the Omega Sky series.

Sometimes I will get a “wild hair” and go back to revisit an older series, as I did in January 2021, and write a book for Midnight Delta even though that series ended in 2017.  In Her Unbroken SEAL, I finally had Clint and Lydia getting married, and put that couple through hell.  You will have noticed that Billy Anderson, a boy who started out in the first Midnight Delta book in 2015 as 12 years old, was now graduating high school in the 2021 release.

There you go, that’s my writing methodology and sequence.  For my ACTUAL publications of ALL my books.

I’m currently at 45 books, some have been taken out of circulation.


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