Caitlyn Factor

March 8th, 2018

Oh Crap. I did another Caitlyn Factor. For those of you who are new, a “Caitlyn Factor” is the stupid shit I do, that is like this:

I started to make protein shakes in the morning, because I thought it would be healthier. It would also help me stay strong while I started up exercising again instead of just sitting my ass in the chair writing.

My blender is one of the older ones. I put fruit, protein shake, soy milk and ice in the machine. It makes this god awful noise, I figured it was just crunching up the ice and I don’t turn around because for once I’m putting things away instead of leaving them out on the counter.

I finally turn around, and see that everything is spewing out of the little hole in lid of the blender. You know, that little hole where that piece of clear plastic normally is. The piece of plastic that almost looks like an ice cube?

Yep, somehow it managed to get into the blender and broke the damn thing. It was quite the mess.

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