Her Treasured SEAL

A Wedding. A Baby. But Will His Enemies Destroy Their Happiness? 
Drake Avery has not gone out on a mission with his Navy SEAL team in months, instead he stayed by his woman’s side as she fought for her life. Now Karen is home and recovering and it’s time for Drake to go back to work. Joining his team to stop the Boko Haram in Africa, Drake faces his ultimate challenge.

Karen is happy to be home with her precious baby boy but she soon discovers that planning a wedding with a newborn is a lot harder than she ever imagined. She’s determined to be as strong as her man and does not let him see how exhausted she is until it’s almost too late.

As Karen and Drake attempt to fulfill their promise to honor, cherish and love one another forever, powerful enemies have targeted them and the men of Midnight Delta. Will this couple ever get their happily ever after or will they be on the run for the rest of their lives?

This is an exciting story full of humor, angst, loyalty, danger and sweet love. If that isn’t enough adjectives describing this beautiful love story, I could add more. There is intrigue, heartfelt devotion and incredible patience.

Drake is a huge, macho SEAL who is totally devoted to his pregnant fiancé. When Karen has a medical incident during the birth of their child that leaves Drake scared out of his mind at the thought of losing the love of his life, he takes his fear beyond reasonable protectiveness. Karen appreciates his attentiveness until she realizes that Drake won’t go back to his unit because of her.

The sweet relationship between Drake and Karen is what every couple strives for. They are totally devoted to each other, completely entranced and demonstrate their affection constantly. So what could ever go wrong? Miscommunications, timing and fear create multiple situations where Karen feels that she is a burden to Drake’s already overflowing commitments in his life. She takes on way too many responsibilities and has some dangerous consequences because of it. I don’t want to give ANY spoilers for this amazing story. You have to read it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

I love every word, emotion, tear and laugh in this story! Such a warm, heartfelt journey Drake and Karen are on that melts your heart. This story is very well written and totally captivating right down to the last word of the epilogue. Excellent job!

Linda Carlson

I was watching the most beautiful movie in my head. So many times I’ve read this author and she has delivered to me, the most caring, loving and exciting books. Ms. O’Leary out did herself with this one. I fell in love with Drake and Karen the first time in Her Dominant Seal. I didn’t think it was possible to love them so much more. The emotions that have stayed with me during this journey through their lives can only be explained by the word, EPIC. I laughed and I cried. There were times I thought my heart would break. It always came back to the love and connection they share. If you only read 2 books in your life. Choose this story.

Christina Williams

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