Shadow Alliance – Declan

Can They Battle Back The Dark Together?

After former Army Ranger, Declan McAllister was betrayed by one of his own, he vowed vengeance. He created the Shadow Alliance, an agency that handles jobs the government won’t. This unit would do both good in the world, and extract the revenge his soul so desperately needs.

Allison Davies is an FBI agent on a mission, but it isn’t sanctioned by the bureau. She knows that enlisting Declan’s help could mean the end of her career, but he’s her last hope. Then she meets him, and her desperation spirals into something more.

As the flames of attraction flare, these two lovers find themselves involved in an international game of cat and mouse with Declan’s mortal enemy. If they somehow survive, will Declan finally be able to let go of the darkness, and embrace the light that he has found in Allie’s arms?

Caitlyn O’ Leary has done it YET AGAIN! She created a brand new book in a brand new series that I fell in love with in less than 5 minutes! Declan was everything I hoped for and more! He was protective and smart, and dominating and wonderfully sweet and passionate. He is the exact kind of alpha male I come to expect and love in a romance by Miss O’ Leary. And Allison was a beautiful, caring, smart, fiesty, and just as passionate, she fit Declan to a T and I couldn’t of been more thrilled to watch these two together.

Other than the wonderful romance, the story and plot is perfectly suspenseful. Caitlyn writes some of the BEST suspense romances out there. Her work can rival Susan Stoker any day. I loved it! And you can tell with each turn of the page, that this story had everything. Romance, suspense, danger, passion, SEXY-HEART-MELTING scenes and much much more.

Declan deserves a TEN! But since a TEN STARS is not available, I will give this a WONDERFULLY SEXY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! You can’t go wrong with a book by Caitlyn O’ Leary and this beautiful crossover series will win you over too.

Marie Brown

This was one of the hardest Reviews that I’ve ever written, only because I don’t believe I can do it justice! Delcan is a spinoff from Ms. O’Leary’s Delta Series, called The Shadow Alliance. This book is amazing, full of intrigue, danger and romance. This book is about Declan, an overprotective, loyal, retired army man who gets the job done no matter what. Declan started The Shadow Alliance to do what no government branch can, if he bends the rules so be it, anything to protect his people, whether that be his friends, employees or the people he decides to take as his own. Then Declan meets Allison, an FBI agent who’s off the books to go after a monster. Declan and Allison team up to go after this man, and find themselves drawn to each other like moths to a flame! Can an overprotective man and a women who doesn’t know her own worth find something more than either of them knew they wanted, or needed, and can they live through the danger ahead of them?

Ms. O’Leary has outdone herself in this new series, I’m amazed at each new book and hardly wait for the next installment!

Julie Fancher